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We have been in the health outreach business for years, reaching out to those who are struggling with poor eating habits resulting in high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.. The heart institute in Spokane, Washington has referred people to our restaurant for the purpose of lowering their blood pressure and cholesterol.

Our hearts, time, and energy are invested in helping those accustomed to a Western rich diet change their eating habits and reduce disease. Since we are aware that good food produces good blood, we feel that it is of utmost importance to learn how to combine fruits, nuts, vegetables, and grains designed by the Creator.

We are presently located in a country setting near Priest Lake, Idaho, nestled between the mountains, and enjoying the serenity of the natural environment. We are continuing in a more direct way to work with everyone that is willing to apply natural remedies for their ailments. We would love to have you come and experience restoration for your health.

Rahela and Boris Vrbeta
Rahela and Boris Vrbeta
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