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I am Jeanann Wintz and I went to Seven Springs Lifestyle Center nestled between the mountains in northern Idaho. I was hoping to better my life. I received more there than I had hoped for. I was in a lot of pain and I could not walk. I was on several medications thinking that I could not live without them. I applied myself with the counsel given and I began to walk every day. In working with the doctor we discovered a lessening need for those same medications.

For ten years I was dependent on a nebulizer but in three days I was free from it. What a relief! I changed my habits of eating. I was encouraged to make these new habits into a lifestyle and in 21 days I lost 30 pounds. My right shoulder made it difficult for me to dress myself. By the time I was ready to go home, I received the mobility back.

I went through the education classes on health learning how the body functions and how the mind is affected. But most of all, I learned a new outlook on life: forget the past and move forward; forgive those who have wronged me.

Now I am trying to write the last chapter of my life to be more pleasant and loving to those whom I love. I loved to talk but I learned that I need to take time to be quiet and listen to the voice of God.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone. What a blessing it was to me!
Staying at Seven Springs Lifestyle was a happy and wonderful experience.

My husband Paul Dove and I, Juanita, had many health issues. Paul was on 8 different medications and he has 5 stints requiring lifetime meds.

We learned a lot and we applied ourselves. He was on a sleep apnea machine for many years with wheezing at night and could not get rid of the phlegm. After detoxing, his lungs opened and relieved him of dark brown mucus. He breathes freely now. We had fungal feet and that has cleared up. We received treatments that improved our health but the highlight of our time was the education room where we spent many hours learning the function of the body and how to treat it so as to get a quality of life.

We traded Man's way of practicing for God's way of healing. There are many ways to practice the healing arts but there is only one that God approves of.

Tam Family

Elliott: I attended as a support person for my wife and daughter. We all enjoyed our stay very much. Priest Lake was only 7 miles away so I had the opportunity to teach my son how to swim while my wife and daughter was being seen.

Heather: I went there expecting my body to be cleansed, but the warmth and love I received helped cleanse my mind as well. It was a wonderful experience- very refreshing and spiritual…

Mariah (age 12): A few weeks ago we went to Mr and Mrs Vrbeta’s house to get seen for my toxins and heavy metals. Mrs Vrbeta told me to drink vegetable juice, clay, take clay baths and go in the infra-red sauna. We had a wonderful time.

Caleb: I enjoyed biking with Leah on the hill and the infra red sauna was HOT and the clay didn’t taste very good, but it felt good, and the food, especially the GRANOLA, was very good.

Tam Family
Wardner, BC

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